Sorority Records started almost 10 years ago in New York. Jeanine Smith wrote songs in many shared apartments for days and nights on end to hone her craft as a Grammy Nominated Songwriter. Anthony Hamilton had discovered her eons ago but it was up to Jeanine to keep going. Sure she had a Songwriter's Hall of Fame Award for Excellence in Songwriting and yes she has been getting royalty checks for over 10 years but she wants more.

One day years after being signed by Quannum Projects, She decided to include her pretty friends in this endeavor.  Kween, Gypsy Purl and April are all gorgeous, talented and kicking butt with great music.  Stay tuned for world domination. Read my old bio below if you have any effs left to give.

Meet Jeanine

Grammy-nominated songwriter Jeanine Smith has had her share of ups and downs since choosing to enter the music business. She got her first "break" in May of 2002 when Anthony Hamilton spotted her singing "Moody's Mood for Love" on the pa system of a promotional truck outside of Philadelphia's Five Spot club during the popular "Black Lily" event. He recognized her talent immediately and invited her to record a song for his album. At the time he was in a dead end recording contract and she was a rookie with no contacts, a poorly recorded demo, no money and big dreams. She took him up on the offer and moved to NYC that same week without ever goingback to Chicago to retrieve her belongings.

The gamble paid off and the song went on his platinum selling, Grammy-nominated debut "Coming From Where I'm From."  Her style is quirky & street, Soulful & Pop, Hip-Hop & R&B. Ms. Smith has an ear for harmonies and choosing quality beats. In 2003 Ms. Smith won the BMI/Songwriter's Hall of Fame Abe Oleman award for excellence in songwriting. Still the road to glory was a long shot so she stayed her course and persevered. While living the life of a starving artist/songwriter in New York she recorded with top producers. Between 2002 - 2007 she collaborated with Rocwilder (Destiny's Child, Method Man, Christina Aguilera), Troy Oliver (Jennifer Lopez, Corey Rooney), Needlz ( 50 Cent,Fabolous), Coptic (Bad Boy Hitman), Fury (Lil Kim, TI, Lil Flip), 88 Keys (Mos Def, Kanye West, Musiq, Macy Gray,Talib Kweli), Belief (C-Rayz Walz, Aesop Rock, Brooke Hogan) and many others. She recorded a full album called Julius & Ann's Daughter and put it up for sale on Apple iTunes & In 2006, it was the Julius & Ann's Daughter album that which helped catch the ears of industry execs in the Bay area of California.

In 2008 Ms. Smith got signed by Quannum Projects so she moved to Oakland, CA to be closer to what she thought would be her big chance to impact the industry on the independent side. While working withQuannum she toured the West Coast, Australia and New Zealand. Things with Quannum went south when TVT Records (the company that distributed Quannum) folded so once again she was back to the drawing board. 

She took matters into her own hands and began licensing her music to television. Jeanine has had placements on America's Next Top Model, The Tyra Banks Show, E True Hollywood Story, Hot Guys Who Cook, Hills From The Beginning,  Big Party Plan Off (style network), Family Crews, Fashion Police, The Soup, Sunday Best, My Black is Beautiful, Real World Road Rules Challenge, and LisaRaye: The Real McCoy. To date her music has been heard by over 1 million people. She is hopeful about the future and working diligently to achieve her goal of world domination daily.